fall peg people

Peg people, or peg dolls.  Possibly a little bit weird to take on as a hobby, but I’m enjoying the painting and also the cuteness!

I made a set of Fall people based loosely on Pinterest and this great book: Making Peg Dolls by Margaret Bloom.


I used watercolor, acrylic, and waterproof mod podge as a coating on top (not on the faces though).


owner’s closet

I was so flattered to get asked to make art for someone’s house.  It’s a property they intend to rent out while they aren’t on island, which means there will be an owner’s closet!

Lately I’ve been painting on driftwood, which they had seen before.  After doing the lettering, I felt like this sign needed something just a little bit more.  So, I journeyed into some wire work, which I have never done before but I think turned out ok!


Driftwood string beans

I think I owe the inspiration for this garden project to Pinterest.  String beans love growing on a trellis or something supporting and vertical.  In the need-based DIY attitude of the Bahamas (i.e. make or you won’t have it), I wanted to tackle a driftwood and twine trellis.  I felt like it would match the natural surroundings, and it wouldn’t require any power tools.

After scavenging the wood for the planter box from an import yard, we nailed it together, spray painted it white, and filled it with dirt.  The driftwood sticks were gathered straight from the beach, and I tied the top and bottom pieces to two larger pieces stuck in the dirt.  The bottom stick needed to be propped up by a rock.

I planted my seedlings – which would have grown into plants producing different colored beans.  Unfortunately, I think it was too hot at the time I planted them, or the dirt has a problem (lack of nutrients, fungus…) and they did not survive.  But it was a beautiful idea!

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A film saga

If anyone out there uses Holgas, I’d love to see your work.  Especially if you use 800 ISO film…

I’m having a hard time nailing down the best way to use that film speed.  In fact, I chronicled my attempts on my first ever Exposure post? page? piece?  Wtf do you call them?

Anyway, check it out!  Help me do better than this:

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH

solstice plant project

For the holidays this year, I wanted to give out a creation that could have a wide reach.  I looked to my hobby of sticking succulents into old jars and kitchen things.  Air plants are also really cool, and are actually even easier to take care of than succulents.  Thus, the muse spoke. One of … Continue reading

Project 364plus1

This is a new and involved project I’m doing.  It’s based on the photo project 365, which is an unaffiliated internet project where you take a photo a day for a year.  The only rules are the ones you make on your own, other than taking at least one photo per day.  But, it’s not for the faint of heart because it’s more of a commitment than you’d think.  In our version of the project – ingeniously named Project 364plus1 by a friend to make it distinguishable – there isn’t a theme or particular subject….it’s just a picture of anything.  It doesn’t matter when you start, just stick to it for 365 days.

I knew that if I thought about it too long, I’d chicken out of it for fear of the commitment that it involves.  So, while getting drunk on New Years Eve, I opened it up to some photo-centric friends via a Facebook group, and took the plunge!  We’re taking and sharing our photos pretty exclusively through Instagram (via #364plus1), although I’m also posting mine to Flickr for personal archiving.  While each picture I’ve done has been through Instagram so far, I’m also hoping that this project helps build a better relationship with my DSLR.

Why do this at all?  Hopefully to get better at taking pictures, and to have an awesome set at the end of it.  Mostly, though, to have a visual record of things that I thought were cool, noteworthy, or visually interesting this year.

Now that January is close to an end, here are some things that I’ve learned so far:

  • I like taking pictures of red things
  • The Instagram filter Kelvin is worthless
  • If you stick to your goal of a picture a day, you might get forced into stumbling upon something cool.  I made myself go walking around my neighborhood to get a shot, and found something totally unexpected.


i forgot to tell you

I got an honorable mention in the Marin County Fair for this photo!  It felt really cool.


I grew these and I ate this.

fair entries!

Wow, so framing is really hard. I’m entering 5 prints into the Marin County Fair, and I’m pretty pleased with myself for it.  You pay an entry fee to get judged and maybe win some dollars.  Weird concept, but probably really cool if you win!  The part that’s new for me?  You can also put … Continue reading


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